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Whisky tasting, whisky trails and distillery tours of Speyside

Whisky tasting, whisky trails and distillery tours of Speyside

Whisky Breaks

Uisge Beatha – The Water of Life

Here at Culdearn we are committed and passionate about one of Scotland’s greatest products, which should be fully celebrated, tried and tasted! We feature in the Scottish Field top 10 Scottish Hotels for Whisky Lovers due to our special selection of fine malts and some rare single barrel casks which are often complex and differ significantly from the more readily available “classic malts”. What could be better than a dram of whisky by the fire after one of our award winning dinners.

Please click here for a list of our single malt whiskies, and here for a list of our single cask whiskies.

Speyside is the heart of the whisky distilling industry in Scotland and is a region that borders much of the length of the River Spey on the eastern side of the Highlands. The whiskies of this region are noted for their elegance and complexity. The flow of water over the hills of granite and through moors of peat, adds a refined smokiness to many of the malt whiskies and the more sheltered nature of the countryside imparts a delicacy to their character

The ‘whisky trail’ is famous throughout the world and there are at least fifty distilleries within a twenty five mile radius of Culdearn. Most of these distilleries are open to the public and tours are available throughout the day where you can taste and nose several varieties. Each year in spring there is the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival which is a five day event which is held the first weekend in May. Please click here for details.

Speyside Cooperage, which is about forty minutes from Culdearn, is the only working Cooperage in the United Kingdom where you can experience the ancient art of coopering. This is a fantastic visit where you can see the highly skilled coopers at work producing the finest oak casks.

For those special occasions, and with prior notice, we can arrange whisky tasting breaks which include a visit to the cooperage, nosing and tasting of a variety of malts at Culdearn and distillery tours. Use the button below to enquire and Book.