10 Things To Do In The Cairngorms National Park This Summer

Summers offer the best weather to explore the vastness of nature. Deciding on the best way to spend your holiday is always a daunting task. Cairngorms National Park is always a good choice because it offers a wide variety of activities to engage in and places to visit all in one place. The list of things to do and places to visit within the park is endless ranging from water sports, hiking trails, as well as biking routes. Besides, there are many places to eat from and to sleep as you enjoy what the park has to offer its visitors. Here is a compilation of 10 things to do and places to visit while at Cairngorms National Park.

1. Get Into The Waters

Summer is the best time to enjoy water activities. The Loch Insh and Loch Morlich offer the best waters for swimming, surfing, or even viewing of wildlife from a boat. From these two locations, the views of the surrounding areas are spectacular. Water rafting is also a great way to spend your time while in the national park. If you love water, you can rest assured that there are many water activities to try that you can’t even exhaust.

2. Fishing

If you are an angler, then the Cairngorms National Park is the place for you. There are many trout and salmon fish within the Dee and Spey rivers. Besides, these two rivers flow into the sea and the waters are used to brew some of the finest whiskey in Scotland.

3. Ride Your Way To The Mountains

The park offers some great terrains for biking. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced rider, the trails offer the best challenge for adventure. Besides, as you ride you get to exercise. It’s also worth noting that there are many specialist shops along the routes in the event you get a puncture.

4. Wildlife Viewing

The national park is home to most of Britain’s endangered wildlife such as deer, wild cats, squirrels, golden eagles, and badgers. You can choose to take a guided wildlife tour or watch the animals from your hotel room.

5. Bungee Jumping

Garry River has a permanent bridge based bungee jumping spot. If you are an adrenaline junkie, then this activity is what you should try out. Imagine plummeting from the bridge all the way down to the waters below and then back again? It would be a lifetime memory.

6. Hiking

If you love walking as you enjoy the great views of the forests, then you should hit the road and take a hike through the designated walking terrains. Along the way, you might be lucky to see wildlife and birds. Besides, the feeling of walking through bushes and thickets in the dense forest can give you an adrenaline rush.

7. Go On A Wine Tasting Spree

Want to enjoy some of the best wines and whiskeys in Europe? Then, visit Cairngorm National Park where Cairngorm Brewery, Speyside Distillery, Dalwhinnie, Balmenach, and Glenlivet breweries are located. The places have visitors’ areas and some even allow wine tasting.

8. Eat From The Best Within The Park

Whether you want a three-course meal, a snack, or a drink to quench your thirst after a day full of adventure, the park has something for every taste bud. Some of the hotels to check out include Old Bridge Inn, The Garth Hotel, and the Boathouse Restaurant.

9. Go Shopping

Cairngorms National Park has many local shopping areas and villages where you can buy some gifts to carry home or some sports outfit. While at the park make sure to visit the Spey Valley Shopping at Aviemore, Deli Mair, Glenmore Shop, and many more shopping areas.

10. Sleep In The Wild

You can choose to spend a vacation or even a weekend within the national parks because it has all types of accommodation. Ranging from self- catering, log cabins tucked away in villages, to modern houses. The accommodation types cater for all types of families and individuals all you need to do is choose what suits you best. You can even decide to sleep in tents while watching the stars in the night.


The Cairngorm National Park offers the best activities as well as places to visit during summer. Some of the activities to engage in include bungee jumping, swimming, rafting, fishing, hiking, biking, shopping, wine tasting, or even shopping. Plan a visit to the Cairngorms National Park this summer for a lifetime experience.